connect groups have resumed!

Connect Groups LINK

Click the above link for more information, to contact a group leader and to register for one our connect groups. 

Connect Leaders will be evaluating their own class situation and will be contacting their group members regularly.

Join one of our group's Facebook page where you can continue to communicate and maintain those close relationships.
You'll be strengthened by God's Word, supported in prayer and encouraged by fellow believers.

Godley Parents Connect Group

REAL Women Connect Group

Better Together Connect Group

Moore Jesus Connect Group

LifeTimers Connect Group

Tavares Connect Group

FIND A GROUP that fits you

Find a group here.

Jesus doesn't want us to live the Christian life alone! We all need others...and to the church. 

Our Connect Groups are where you will find community, Spiritual direction and encouragement in your life journey.  These groups meet weekly (some on campus and some in homes).   

Our Next Level Groups are topical studies that meet seasonally. These groups are designed around specific topics and about growing deeper in your relationship with God.